Education Research Center

ERC Awarded Contract to Assess Texas Schools’ Readiness for Online State Testing

The Texas A&M University Education Research Center (TAMU ERC) has been contracted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to conduct a study assessing the readiness of Texas school districts and campuses for 100% online STAAR testing, beginning in the 2022—23 school year, as legislated by House Bill 3906. Hersh Waxman will be the project PI, and Jackie Stillisano, Kim Wright, Karen Rambo-Hernandez, and Kayla Rollins will be project co-PIs. Additional researchers include Cheryl Craig, Jeffrey Keese, Miguel Burgess, Lobat Asadi, and Michele Norton.

The study is comprised of four major tasks:

  • A statewide needs assessment survey to be completed by all Texas public school districts and campuses.
  • Case studies with individual districts and campuses, examining their previous experiences with, and readiness for, online state testing.
  • A benchmarking study of other states’ assessment programs and transitions to online testing, including related challenges and lessons learned.
  • An operational definition of “100% electronic testing” for the state of Texas, as well as a financial model, estimating and illustrating the cost of achieving needed capacity at campus, district, and state levels.

Results from this study will be included in a comprehensive report to the Texas Legislature to provide a better understanding of the state’s readiness for online testing and identify key actions necessary to assist schools in achieving readiness for 100% online STAAR testing.