STEM Education

Illustrative Projects

TAMU STEM Collaborative for Teacher Professional Learning (STEM Collaborative)

Funded by: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Aggie STEM and the ERC in the School of Education and Human Development, along with the Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) and the Dwight Cook College of Engineering have established the STEM Collaborative for Teacher and Professional Learning.

In addition to providing high-quality STEM professional development for in-service teachers, the STEM Collaborative will conduct a synthesis of research on STEM best practices to supplement the professional development component of the project.

Findings from literature and practices that evolve as a result of the project will be communicated to:

  • Teacher educators,
  • IHE faculty, and
  • Administrators.
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Evaluation of the Mathematics, Science and Technology Teacher Preparation (MSTTP) Academies

Funded by: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Conducted studies to evaluate the effectiveness of more than 15 teacher preparation academies focused on mathematics, science and technology located across Texas at institutions of higher education, including:

  • Texas A&M University,
  • University of Texas,
  • Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi,
  • University of Texas – El Paso,
  • Texas A&M University – Commerce,
  • University of Texas – Tyler, and
  • Tarleton State University.

Academies were established with the goal of increasing the number of highly qualified mathematics, science and technology teachers while also improving the quality of certified teachers in these areas.

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